WHSCA Northwest League - Rules Summary

The official version of the Northwest League rules can be found here, though they are a bit verbose as they're designed to eliminate disputes before they happen by covering almost all contingencies. Basically they're the same rules as found in the USCF rulebook. Here's the condensed unofficial summary.

1. Eligibility: Same as other high school sports. Based primarily on WIAA requirements, and WHSCA eligibility rules. If any questions or doubts, email the NWL director.
2. Schedule: After consulting with all coaches, the director sets the schedule. This year we'll have four meets, with two matches played per meet.
3. Equipment: Use standard type pieces. Use clocks if you have them.
4. Matches: Five on five. Each team ranks their players from better to beginner. Clocks start on time.
5. Stacking: Not allowed.
6. Time Control: Game/45 Sudden Death. Which means, each player gets 45 minutes on the chess clock; if a player uses up all 45 minutes, it's a loss when the opponent observes it and calls "Flag!" Bystanders, never, ever tell another player when the flag on his chess clock has fallen.
7. Notation: It's required, unless you're in time trouble (less than five minutes on your clock). If you're not used to writing down moves, they cut you a little slack the first three games.
8. Touch Move: If you touch a piece, you must move it.
9. Illegal Moves: Opponent gets two extra minutes on his clock if you make an illegal move.
10. Scoring: Win-1, Draw-1/2, Loss-0.
11. Captains: Each team elects one, who acts as coach if coach is absent.
12. Etiquette: Be a good sport. Shake hands. Don't discuss a game in progress. Go over the game afterwards with your opponent if time allows. No texting or cel phone while playing.
13. Offering a Draw: Same as USCF rules. You can't consult your coach regarding draw offers.
14. Adjourned Games: Only in extreme circumstances.
15. Reporting Results: Get results to the league director that night.
16. Junior Varsity: Players beyond the top five can play JV games.
17. League Championship: League Champion is the team with the highest total board points.
18. Awards: Provided by the NW League. Rotating trophy, three permanent trophies, All-Star plaques and medals for the top ten performances.
19. State Championship: Teams qualify for State by finishing in the top half of the league, plus one. Should an eligible team opt not to play, the next highest scoring team may attend.
20. Other Rules: Use the USCF Official Rules of Chess.

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