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Entire Wa. State School Codes List
The first three letters of a student's ID number indicates their school. The next letter indicates grade, i.e. B=1st grade, C=2nd grade, etc.

Handy tool that graphs & analyzes your rating.

Washington Scholastic Rating System

Ratings are the fairest way to manage Swiss system tournaments common to the competitive chess scene. They enable players to judge their progress, and allow tournament directors to identify and pair players of similar ability.

Ratings based on fewer than 15 games are provisional and do not accurately reflect comparable competitive performance. Ratings based on 15 and more games tend to be accurate and predictive.

Ratings start at 100 points times grade level (thus, high school freshman starts at 900). Ratings have a floor of 400. Ratings remain provisional for 15 games, during which time they swing wildly. After 15 games most ratings will have achieved the comparable competitive performance level of the player.

The WSRS ratings system operates on a formula similar to the US Chess Federation. Players gain about 20 points for a win against a player of equal rating, and conversely lose points for a loss.

For a deeper discussion of how ratings work, see the NWSRS page How Ratings Work.

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