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Spring Speed Chess Championship

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ferndale Public Library

Speed Chess Mayhem!

Pre-register: Required, to play. Do so here.
What: A relaxed, crazy, fun morning of speed chess exuberance!
Six rounds, double McMahon Swiss, Game/5 with no delay!
Where: Ferndale Public Library. (Map.)
When: Saturday morn, May 28, 2022, pre-register and also check in before 9:10am. Event concludes around noon.
Who: Aimed for 3rd -12th graders, but we're not checking ID.
Why: It's a kick! There's more than one way to have fun with this ancient game!
How: See below. Unrated event, although we use ratings to help Swiss pairings.
Cost: Free. (Bring a chess clock if you own one.)
Prizes: Fun. Mental workout of unparelled invigoration. Chess keychains.

So c'mon down and bring your sister Susie.

Speed chess is mostly like regular chess, except that you can't take three and a half years to pick your next move. In fact, each player will only have five minutes to chose all of their moves. The idea is that you and your opponent use a chess clock. Your clock ticks down while it is your turn to move, and then for your opponent when it's their turn. Once you have moved, your clock will stop ticking down, and your opponent's clock will begin to tick down again. You win by either checkmating, or by calling "Flag" if your opponent's clock runs out before yours. Each player gets five minutes, so the longest possible speed chess game takes ten minutes.

Intro to Speed Chess
USCF Speed Chess Rules

Speed chess rules to take notice of:

  • You must move and hit the clock with the same hand
  • Touch move -- if you touch a piece, you must move it
  • Move is completed when you let go of it
  • EXCEPTION: If you make an illegal move, you can take it back if you haven't hit the clock yet
  • Make an illegal move? It's a loss, if you've punched your clock
  • You have to queen a pawn on your own clock time, before you hit the clock
  • If you have a very very basic dead draw position, and you're down on time, call the TD to claim the draw

Tournaments often use a speed chess game, or match, to break ties.
Check this out -- watch the tiebreaker speed chess game that determined the 2020 Washington State High School Individual Champion (Premier) featuring Sehome's Johnathon Dennis vs Cannon Doncaster of Richland HS.

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