Chessplayers from 5th-12th grades are invited to attend the....

2017 NW League PreSeason Tournaments

Scholastic chessplayers from 5th-12th grades of all abilities are invited to attend the Alpha and Beta Tourneys, being held on two Monday evenings this Fall.

At each NWL pre-season tourney, players are placed in sections of approximately equal playing ability based on the latest NWSRS ratings. If you are unrated, youíll be placed in a low rated playing section appropriate to your age. Chess notation is required for all players and chess clocks will be used (Game 25/5). If you're not familiar with recording chess moves, or using a chess clock, don't worry. Instruction will be available on site.

NW League high school students receive free entry. For others, we request a $3 donation.

Chess Game USCF and WHSCA tournament rules are in effect, i.e. if you touch a piece, you must move it. Bring a pen or pencil, since chess notation is a requirement. In time pressure (when either player has less than five minutes remaining on their clock) chess notation becomes optional for both players. Score sheets are provided, but bring a chess clock if you have one!

It's a no elimination element event, each player will play in all three rounds. The last game at each tourney will be completed by 9:35 p.m., but most players will be finished well before then. All tournament games will be NWSRS rated.

Medals to perfect scores each evening.

Registration and check-in: 6:00 - 6:10pm.
Registration and check-in closes at 6:10pm sharp, so donít be late. The format is such that we cannot accept late entries.
1st Round to start ASAP after 6:10pm.

Randy Walther and Randy Kaech 36O-255-Ol84.

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