Chessplayers from 2nd-12th grades, of all abilities, are invited to play in the....

HSC Flames

2024 Grand Prix Chess Tournaments

Pre-register for Tuesday June 25 here

Tourney results, Grand Prix standings will be posted here

Mr Kool Sun Play in one, some, or all five:
Hot Summer Chess I --- Tuesday, June 18
Hot Summer Chess II -- Tuesday, June 25
Hot Summer Chess III - Tuesday, July 2
Hot Summer Chess IV - Tuesday, July 9
Hot Summer Chess V -- Tuesday, July 16

Ferndale Public Library --- 2125 Main Street, Ferndale -- map here

Check-in: From 4:20 - 4:30pm sharp, at each tourney.
All Grand Prix players must have pre-registered for each Quad individually, and must check-in by 4:30pm in order to play. Due to pairing restrictions, late arrivals cannot be accommodated, sorry. Get there early!

Entry fee: Free! But, pre-registration is required for each Quad. Sign up by 10pm the day before.

Energy fee: Everyone, help set up tables, chairs, boards, sets, clocks and posters. Thanks!

Grand Prix Prizes:

  • Trophy to 1st place, medals to 2nd-5th places, book prizes to 6th-10th place overall Grand Prix final scores, awarded July 16
  • Perfect scores (3.0) earn Chess Keychain (piece)
  • Scoring 2.5 earns Chess Keychain (pawn)

Flaming King The 2024 Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix rated tournaments are open to any 2nd-12th grade players that desire to play competitive NWSRS rated tournament games. Beginner players are welcome! You need to learn the rules of chess before you arrive. Learn or review the rules of chess here (web page) or here (video) if you wish. Freshly graduated H.S. seniors are welcome to play also.

Players will be placed in different playing groups of between four to eight players, of approximately equal playing ability based on the latest NWSRS ratings. These feature three games, no elimination, with a time control of Game/25 minutes with five second delay per player. The tournaments are rated by the NW Scholastic Ratings System, so tournament rules are in effect: if you touch a piece, you must move it.

Experienced players in the top sections will be required to record their moves, so bring a pen or pencil. Score sheets and sets/boards will be provided, but bring a clock if you have one. It's a no elimination tournament, each player can expect to play three rated games each evening.

Schedule for each Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix tourney:
Check-in opens at 4:20pm and please help with the setup, thank you! Check-in closes at 4:30pm sharp. Don't be late! The quad format doesn't allow for late entries. Approximate schedule:
Round 1 - 4:45pm or asap
Round 2 - 5:40pm or asap
Round 3 - 6:35pm or asap
Library closes at 8pm.

The above is a rough guide, there is no set round start time. As soon as all players in a section have finished their first round games, they refer to the pairing chart, identify their opponent and board numbers for Round 2, and may begin their next games as soon as they're ready.
After the event, please assist with setting the room back to its original layout. Thanks!

Flaming Rooks The Grand Prix formula favors players who play each week, and who are improving, so you could win if you put your mind to it! The current, updated NWSRS ratings will be used in each Grand Prix Quad. (If the NWSRS ratings haven't been updated since the last tourney, SwissSys estimated ratings may be used.)

The Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix chess tournaments are directed by Randy Kaech, with assistance from All Of You.

Playing Hall

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