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HSC Flames

2016 Grand Prix

and Beginners Tournaments

2016 Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix Final Standings

1st:  14.0  Sean Dennis  GRAND CHAMPION
2nd:  10.5  Christian Leon
3rd:   9.0  Maddy Scholten
4th:   9.0  Owen Scollon
5th:   9.0  Jonathon Dennis   

2016 Endgame Leaderboard Final Standings

1. Sean Dennis, 24 seconds
2. Andrew Burns, 30 seconds
3. Twain Goetzl, 40 seconds
4. Duncan Stewardson, 59 seconds
5. Briana Dennis, 104 seconds
X. At least 20 other attempts with a draw or TILT.  

Play in one, or all five:
Hot Summer Chess I --- Tuesday, July 19 in Bellingham
Hot Summer Chess II -- Tuesday, July 26 in Ferndale
Hot Summer Chess III - Tuesday, August 2 in Bellingham
Hot Summer Chess IV - Tuesday, August 16 in Bellingham
Hot Summer Chess V -- Tuesday, August 23 in Ferndale

Bellingham Public Library -- 210 Central Ave, Bellingham - map here
Ferndale Public Library --- 2125 Main Street, Ferndale -- map here

Advance entry required -- see below.
Check-in is from 5:45 - 6:00pm each evening. (All Grand Prix players must check-in before 6:05 in order to play that evening.)

Cost: Free!

Flaming Rooks The 2016 Hot Summer Chess rated tournaments are open to any K-12th grade players that desire to play competitive NWSRS rated tournament games. Unrated players are welcome, but they must know the rules of chess and how all the pieces move. Also 2016 graduated H.S. seniors are welcome to play.

All players must register in advance to play in the Bellingham tourneys! Simply fill out the online form by the day immediately before each event. If you know your NW rating and ID number, that's helpful. (Find it here.) For the Ferndale tourneys, just check in before 6pm.

Players will be placed in different playing groups of approximately equal playing ability based on the latest NWSRS ratings. Players will play in 8-player (usually) "Octagonal" sections in the Bellingham tournaments, four player "Quad" sections in the Ferndale tourneys. These feature three games, no elimination, with a time control of Game/30 minutes with five second delay per player. The tournaments are rated by the NW Scholastic Ratings System, so tournament rules are in effect: if you touch a piece, you must move it. If you are in high school or your NWSRS rating is 1000 or higher you will be required to write down your moves, so bring a pen or pencil. Score sheets and sets/boards will be provided, but bring a clock if you have one. It's a no elimination tournament, each player can expect to play three rated games each evening. With the exception of the highest rated players, nearly all players will be finished with their three games before 9:20 pm.

Schedule for each Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix event:
Check-in opens at 5:45 pm and please help with the setup, thank you! Check-in closes at 6:05 pm sharp. Don't be late! All players must check-in to ensure that they get paired to play in Round 1.
Round 1 - 6:30 pm
Round 2 - 7:40 pm or asap
Round 3 - 8:50 pm or asap
Afterwards, please help with setting the room back to its original layout.
Awards: Chess medals will be awarded to all players that win all three of their games.

Win the Grand Prix!
The top five players who accumulate the most points overall in all five 2016 Hot Summer Chess tourneys will receive trophies, to be awarded at the conclusion of Hot Summer Chess V. The top scorer will be declared 2016 Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix Champion. The Grand Prix formula favors players who are improving, so you could win if you put your mind to it! The current, updated NWSRS ratings will be used in each Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix tourney. (If the NWSRS ratings haven't been updated since the last tourney, SwissSys estimated ratings will be used.)

Endgame Contest Position High Score Engame Contest!
Who can post the High Score on the leaderboard we'll be keeping throughout the summer? The High Score is the fastest time to checkmate from the following 3-piece endgame position (shown at right): Kings on b1 and b8, White pawn on b2, White's move. White can win this position every time, even against World Champ Carlsen, with correct technique. But beware the stalemate! You are White -- GO!

Rules: Players are allowed only one attempt at each tourney. Digital clock will be used. Black will be played by TD's appointee only. When queening, player must put a new queen on the board before hitting the clock. Must move piece and hit clock with same hand. If you knock a piece over or make an illegal move, your attempt is over, no score.

The Hot Summer Chess Bellingham tournaments are directed by Randy Walther, and sponsored by the Bellingham Public Library. The Ferndale tournaments are directed by Randy Kaech.

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The view from last year's Hot Summer Chess III

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