Chess Jam 2000 - Showdown in the Junior Section

The two top seeds in the Junior division of Chess Jam 2000 faced off in the 5th round (of 7), in a key contest that determined the Champion. The game turns out to be a hard-fought, close, titanic see-saw struggle, with the outcome in doubt to the end. Both Sam and Lane are accomplished, dangerous players! Tactical shots were missed on both ends of the court, but that's the nature of chess. With only 30 minutes per player in this event, the clock became a factor in determining the end result. The dust was just settling with the probable outcome in sight when the players stopped recording moves.

Notes by Randy Kaech.
To view the game you'll need a Java-enabled browser. Use your space bar, or arrow keys, or mouse.

W: Sam Early, 1067, Fairhaven M.S. (Bellingham)
B: Lane Van Weerdhuizen, 1023, Isom I.S. (Lynden)
Chess Jam 2000, Junior Divison, 2-12-00, Ferndale
Round 5, Board 1
Double Fianchetto Defense - 53 moves

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This guy is Dangerous!!

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