Whatcom Chess League 99-00
Lynden M.S. Wins!

The first season of Whatcom County's chess league for middle schools is in the books, with the Lynden teams taking both the top slots. The Kulshan and Vista clubs, having just formed for the league, gained valuable experience and did their fair share of checkmating. A fun experience and a fine start to the league!

1999-2000 First Season - Final Standings (Jan. 24, 2000):

Lynden A - 9.0
Lynden B - 7.5
Kulshan  - 5.5
Vista    - 2.0

WHATCOM CHESS LEAGUE Round 3 Results (1-24-00):
Lynden A 4.0 - Vista   0.0
Kulshan 1.5 - Lynden B 2.5

WHATCOM CHESS LEAGUE Round 4 Results (1-24-00):
Kulshan 1.0 - Lynden A 3.0
Lynden B 3.5 - Vista   0.5

Lynden:  Warren Pugh
Kulshan: Karen Barniol
Vista:   Jeff Demorest
League Director:  Randy Kaech

Whatcom Chess League - First Season Begins!

Taking place concurrently with the Northwest High School League, the Whatcom Middle School Chess League began its first season on Monday night January 10 with four teams participating.

After two rounds both Lynden Middle School teams lead with 5 points each. Kulshan M.S. follows with 4 points, and Vista M.S. with 2 points.

A nice blend of excitement, confusion and adventure reigned as players became accustomed to chess clocks, writing down moves, how a chess "match" works, determining board order, seeing exactly who on our team is showing up, etc.!

The final two rounds will be held Monday night January 24 at Ferndale High School. After that, the next big middle school chess event will be the Chess Jam on February 12.

Whatcom Chess League
Standings After Round Two:

Lynden A 5.0
Lynden B 5.0
Kulshan 4.0
Vista 2.0

Whatcom Chess League, Round 1, Jan. 10, 2000

Lynden A 3.0 - Kulshan 1.0
B1: Vanderpol 1, Barniol 0; B2: Dudas 1, Fisher 0; B3: McLean 0, Collins 1; B4: Maddy 1, Everyhope 0.

Lynden B 3.0 - Vista 1.0
B1: Hathaway 1, Veliz 0; B2: Baker 1, Rader 0; B3: Ford 1, Mase 0; B4: Shepard 0, Ahlers 1.

Whatcom Chess League, Round 2, Jan. 10, 2000

Lynden B 2.0 - Lynden A 2.0
B1: Hathaway 1, Vanderpol 0; B2: Baker 0, Dudas 1; B3: Ford 0, McLean 1; B4: Maddy 1, Shepard 0.

Vista 1.0 - Kulshan 3.0
B1: Ahlers 0, Barniol 1; B2: Veliz 0, Fisher 1; B3: Mase 0, Collins 1; B4: Rader 1, Everyhope 0.

Whatcom Chess League Forming!

All Whatcom County middle schools, junior highs, and private schools that encompass 6th through 8th graders have been invited to join the first season of the Whatcom Chess League, a four-round WHSCA sanctioned league running concurrently with two of the high school meets.

The WCL will use the same tournament rules as the high school league, with a few differences. Teams will consist of four players instead of five. (That way they can all fit into one car!) The league will consist of four rounds instead of eight. And since chess clocks will be in short supply, we're simply allocating 45 minutes per player, with the option of placing a clock on any real slow pokes.

To participating schools we're encouraging a two-fold emphasis, especially in our first season. First, an emphasis on learning: the rules of the game, good sportsmanship, basic strategy, logical thinking. Then, an emphasis on fun: enjoying the game and the inter-school competition as a team, in a supportive environment.

WCL League Details:

Monday, January 10 -- at Meridian H.S. Cafeteria
Monday, January 24 -- at Ferndale H.S. Cafeteria
Schedule: All pre-registrants must check-in between 6:00 and 6:15pm. Estimated time each evening's games will conclude: 9:15pm or so.
Format: Four-round Swiss system pairings, two rounds per meet. No elimination. Four-player teams are entered, maximum two teams per school in the League division. Extra players beyond the four (or eight) will be paired individually in the Junior Varsity division.
Eligible: Whatcom County middle schools, junior highs, and private schools which encompass 6th-8th grades.
Time Control: Game/45, which means 45 minutes maximum per player per game, if clocks are available.
League Rules: NWL and USCF Rules. Moves must be recorded. If you touch a piece, you must move it.
Rated: Rated by the Washington Scholastic Rating System (WSRS). No membership required.
Bring: Pen/cils, boards & sets.
Awards: Medals, certificates.
Entry Fee: None.
Pre-Registration: -- Required. Registrations must be received by January 8. Include school name, # of teams, names & grades of players, and specify which (if any) players are playing in the JV division. Send to WHSCA, R.Kaech, Box 40, Ferndale WA 98248, or email to kaechster@earthlink.net.
Further information: Email or call 384-2792.

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