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Presenting the 21st annual....

Chess Jam 2018

Youth Chess Tournament
Saturday, February 24, 2018
at Ferndale High School

A chess playday and tournament for chessplayers of all abilities, K-12th grades, from beginner to expert! Also a State Qualifier Tournament! Players 6th grade and below with winning scores qualify to play in the 2018 Washington State Elementary Chess Championships.

Site: Ferndale High School. Check-in is in the Cafeteria.

Five rounds, no-elimination format:
---Grades 6-12: 5-Round "McMahon Swiss", Game/45 (90 minute game max.)
---Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5: Three sections, each 5-Round "Swiss", Game/30 (60 minute game max.)

Basic Schedule: 8:30am - Registration opens. Note: All pre-registrants must check in. Players who check in late will receive a half-point bye in round one. 8:50am - Deadline for 6th-12th grade players to check in. 9:10am - Deadline for K-5th grade players to check in. See website FAQ for full rounds schedule. 3:40pm - Awards ceremony for K-1, 2-3, 4-5th grade sections. 5:45pm - Awards ceremony for 6-12th grade section.

Awards: Trophies to top finishers. Medals to those scoring 3.0 or higher. Every K-1 player who completes all five rounds will receive a medal or trophy. Upset and Unrated awards. "Sweet" awards to top three elementary schools (determined by adding the points of the top five scorers from a single K-5 school) and top three schools in the 6th-12th grade division (based on top four scorers). Tiebreaks by computer.

How To Enter: Players must register in advance, online, before 7pm Friday, Feb. 24. Go to and follow the links to Chess Jam registration. Entry fee $15. Proceeds benefit the FHS Chess Club.

Bring: Lunch money for concessions, or sack lunch. K-5th graders, bring a riddle to write on an index card for door prizes. Groaners are fine. It might be read publicly between rounds! (i.e. Why did the mother owl not worry about her baby? Because she didn't give a hoot!)

For more info: Surf for further details and FAQ. Or email director Randy Kaech,, 360-255-0184.