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Chess Tournament!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Pre-registration required (by 10pm June 17)

Who: Chessplayers 12th grade and below, beginners welcome.
Where: Ferndale Public Library.
Schedule: Check in before 9:10am. Concludes by noon.
Format: Five round McMahon Swiss. Game/10, 5 second delay. Unrated.
Cost: Free, just bring a white elephant gift to exchange.
Prizes: White elephants!

It's a quick chess tournament! Five rounds of McMahon Swiss format, which means no elimination, every player gets five rounds. "Quick" means everybody will use clocks, set at 10 minutes per side, with a five second delay, so all games conclude within a half hour.

"White Elephant" means the price of admission is ... you must bring a white elephant gift! And those will be the prizes! First place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, etc. McMahon pairings means there will be two divisions, so chess players K-12 of all abilities are welcome.

What's a white elephant gift? Any clean knick knack sitting in your attic, garage, kitchen or room that you no longer want, but just maybe, someone else might get a kick out of. Examples: Old mug, a toy you no longer use, hat that's now too small, pack of gum, book you've read, new spare toothbrush, stickers, funky socks, Shrek bandaids, stuffed animal, rubber pickle, bacon flavored toothpaste, fidget spinner, funky mask, Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans, deck of cards, pretty much anything, search the attic! Does not need to be wrapped.

Don't forget to pre-register! (by 10pm May 13)

Here's the final standings of the first White Elephant Tourney on May 14:

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Tot
1Owen Scollon1540FHV6B---W5D2W4W3W7 5.5
2Ethan Bosch1569SHM12B---W6D1W3W7L4 4.5
3Zach Enertson1096LYE10B---W4W5L2L1W9 4.0
4Declan Bosch1228FHV7B---L3W9L1D6W2 3.5
5James Kozaczuk1121SHK6B---L1L3W12D9W11 3.5
6Benjamin Scollon1206SHM10B---L2L7W10D4W12 3.5
7Owen Zhang944FHV6U---W13W6W8L2L1 3.0
8Nathaniel Wilson852SHK6U---W12W11L7L14W13 3.0
9Joga Nagra994FAC7U---W10L4W11D5L3 2.5
10Michael Yeh672WKE4U---L9W13L6D12W14 2.5
11Jonas Carpenter1038VST8U---W14L8L9W13L5 2.0
12Abby Carpenterunr.CEE5U---L8W14L5D10L6 1.5
13Riley Facada555EAG3U---L7L10W14L11L8 1.0
14Garrett Latham772EAG3U---L11L12L13W8L10 1.0

White Elephant

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